Off the Island for the week

Well, as the title of this post states, I’ll be off the island for the next week. I’m not sure yet how much free time or access to the internet that I’ll have. If I have the time, I’ll post, if not, I’ll post when I’m back next weekend.


One thought on “Off the Island for the week

  1. Okay, I’m back. I had a very interesting time over the last week in Texas of all places, and wasn’t able to access the internet at all. Very good Mexican food. Excellent tequila and margaritas. Crazy big mosquitoes. Interesting and occassional delicate political discussions. Perhaps the most interesting observation from my trip there however were the racial dynamics in at least the small bit of Texas I was in for the week.

    All the manual labour jobs were filled like 95% with African-Americans and Mexican labourers. Even in the service sphere of restuarants. The Maitre’D was almost inevitably white, the wait staff Black and the bus-boys Mexican. It was crazy. And while enjoying the forbidden food of IHOP pancakes (mmmmm…) the table next to me, of White Texans had a very interesting discussion concerning the ‘ridiculous coon names’ of the waitstaff. Crazy. Don’t get me wrong of course, the vast majority of the people there are really quite genuine, some are simply ignorant, but most are also blind to simmering racial problems in their midst.

    Very interesting.

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