Progressive Minds Trash Cleanup Project

On Monday July 2nd the Progressive Minds group – the youth wing of the PLP, will be starting one of their grassroots campaigns. This one will be a trash pick-up/community beautification project. The idea is to gather at the AME Playground, thats the park roughly between TCD/Marsh Lane and Glebe Road, on the Southern boundary of Pembroke Marsh. The primary objective is to clean up the playground and park area, and once thats done move West along Parsons Road, including, I believe its called, Jubilee Park.

You don’t have to be PM or PLP to appreciate the importance of a litter-free environment, especially for the children in that area that use the playground. The idea is that if we can show a group effort willing to take the time for social/community labour we can inspire others in that community to do the same and maintain the cleanliness of the park once we’ve got it nice and litter free.

The clean up will start around 6pm. There will be some trash bags and gloves, but if you can, bring your own. Again, coming out and helping out is open to anyone. Its PM led, but the event is for the community.


2 thoughts on “Progressive Minds Trash Cleanup Project

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