MP Bascome Arrested and a Gag Order

Well, I guess its offical now. MP Nelson Basome was arrested on two charges, and has since been bailed. I don’t have any information about the charges yet, but I beleive he was being investigated earlier this year in relation to alleged fraud charges involving his personal business I think something concerning his business partner. Its a pretty sad state of affairs. There is no reason yet to say Mr. Bascome is guilty of the charges, only that the evidence against him was significant enough to warrant his arrest at the moment. There is also no reason yet to believe that the arrest is connected to the BHC scandal. But it certainly isn’t a good month for Mr. Bascome so far. Not a good week at all.

As for the ongoing fallout from the BHC-Mid-Ocean News issue, the AG Senator Phil Perenchief has successfully won a gag order to prevent the media continuing to cover the scandal for the immediate time-being. There is an appeal of the gag order which will be heard next week.

I understand the reasoning behind the gag order, but really, I think its a mistake. If the allegations are simply that, allegations, then they can be dismissed, not out of hand, but with evidence or contrary information. The files shouldn’t even be secret as they appeared to have been. It just adds fuel to the fire of speculation that the government really is trying to hide something, and flies in the face of our avowed ‘sunshine policy.’ Conspiracy theorists, always prevalent on a small society and in full mode during election periods, are really going to go into hyper-mode over this action.


One thought on “MP Bascome Arrested and a Gag Order

  1. Johny….from one of my favorite quotes….

    “….and the truth shall set you free”

    If the people indicated in the report are as innocent as they scream, then why not let the facts come out? While I’m an innocent until proven guilty person, resorting to my own decision making process of what was presented to us in the MON and taking into account the extremely defensive nature of the Government and top that off with the gag order, well lets just say it looks more like a coverup than anything else. Point in case, an innocent man has nothing to lose when the truth comes out.

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