The Colour of Fear 3 @ BUEI, 7pm, 07/06/07

I have recieved an email advertising the viewing of the above named movie. It is a film by Lee Mun Wah, and it focuses primarily as I understand it on the issue of sexuality and sexual orientation. I think it will contribute to the development of discourse in our society on this issue, which I believe to be one of the many axes of oppression that continue to beset or society and keep it shackled to a colonial mentality and subservience.

The movie will be showing at the BUEI auditorium on Thursday, June 7th, 2007.

It starts at 7pm, and is free although donations are appreciated to help cover the cost of renting the auditorium.

I wrote an article about this on the Progressive Minds site, which goes into some detail about my thoughts on sexuality as a part of the axes of oppression that we need to deal with. I won’t repeat it all here, but essentially it is my opinion that prejudices around sexual orientation need to be combatted as part of building that new society of true democracy.

One thought on “The Colour of Fear 3 @ BUEI, 7pm, 07/06/07

  1. I read your article on PM and I have to say that I totally agree. I believe the NDP Socialist Caucus when they state that a true socialist society would be against all forms of discrimination based what the Rastafarians would call “-isms”, from racism and sexism to ableism and homophobism (is that even a word =) ).

    I think that discrimination of any sort is fundelmentaly opposed by Marxism and wider socialism in general. Surely the continuing discrimination against women and people of non-mainstream sexual orientations in our society (not just Bermuda but the Western World in general) is a result of what I see as the hyper-masculinity that is not just prevalent but almost strived for in our patriarchial capitalism.

    Definetely in order to create a more democratic society we have to elimentate Ableism, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and Ageism and all other forms of discrimation.

    Now I will be frank on this, so no one please be offended and if you are I am sorry in advance. It is my firm belief that one main reason for continuing discrimination is the lack of secularism in Bermuda. So long as a good portion of the population believe that homosexuality is reviled by God I see it as being extremely difficult to get people to accept or at least tolerate the presence of homosexuals. I think you said it very well in the title of your entry on the reaction to the Rosie cruise “Victory for Intolerance, United by Ignorance”. I think that educating people can only get so far, and as such I do not think that true acceptance will be realised until Bermuda accepts a more secular path in the world.

    Now I definetely do not wish to see the destruction of religion in Bermuda, but like I said above I do not see the end of certain forms of discrimation until Bermuda takes a more secular lead.

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