Whats the frequency Kenneth?

There are some who are making fun of the incident hat occured at the newly named L. F. Wade/Bermuda International Airport, where an unnamed individual approached the Premier and told him that he loved him, and was then intercepted by both the ‘chief of staff’ Wayne Caines and the press secretary Scott Simmons. It is obvious that the tendency to make a joke out of this stems from recent news coverage concerning increased security relative to the office of the Premier. If one only reads the beginning of the news article, up until the point where the individual was intercepted one would think ‘whats the big deal?’ There are even those who should know better who are essentially misleading people by portraying the event as just that, a citizen expressing his love for the Premier and being detained essentially as a security threat simply because the expression and timing was not expected. If one were to take the time to explore the incident in some greater depth one will find that the citizen was also in the possession of box cutters (a tool which incidentally was all that was required to commit the atrocities of 9/11, and are a potentially lethal weapon) and that the individual was more or less known to the Premier and his staff as a ‘mentally ill’ individual. This raises the probability that the Office of the Premier has dealt with the individual before, recognises him as a potential threat (though I think they view him as a relatively minor one), but the possession of the box cutters does make the incident a good deal more serious than it may be portrayed by some.

I for one am of the opinion that some actions may be over the top or over-reactionary, but in this incident I think the situation was handled correctly, and although I do not believe the Premier was in danger (and I don’t think he thought so either), the particulars of the case are nothing to laugh at. I hope that the individual involved recieves the full support of the community in assisting him with whatever problems he has. I beleive it is irresponsible for some to mislead others through deliberate misrepresentation of the incident in question.


2 thoughts on “Whats the frequency Kenneth?

  1. Good job he wasn’t an expat otherwise they’d probably have put him on the first plane off the island.

  2. Yes, he probably would have, but I would hope he would recieve due process and whatever treatment was in our capacity and compassion to give should he truly have a mental illness. I do think this situation was a little more serious than the chef incident.

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