Protesting the Medical Clinic

In regards to the protest the other day (Tuesday April 10th), I was quite disappointed with what I saw. I have not yet made a personal decision on the issue, although my thoughts at the moment lead me to generally oppose it. I am waiting for more information on the topic before really putting forward a position. However, the method by which the protestors confronted the Cabinet Building and ‘demanded’ to meet the Premier will not strengthen their position, but instead strengthen the Premier’s. I do not know the Premiers schedule, but I do know it is extremely full, and to expect him to be able to come out and meet with them at the drop of a hat is a bit foolhardy, and it is even more foolish to be upset after the fact and accuse him of not caring based on his inability to address the protest at the behest of the protestors. That the acting Health Minister was available was expected and appropriate. The demonstrators shouting about ‘dictatorship’ just really look foolish, and PLPers who may oppose or not understand the decision on the clinic are simply going to be put off right away by this approach, and may even rally behind the decision as a result. If the anti-closure protestors have a valid argument, and I think they do, then they need to reign in there vociferous members, not prevent them from saying what they believe, but ensure that the message about being pro-clinic is foremost, and individual opinions are secondary and made clear to be separate from the issue at hand.


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