Dining amongst the pig dogs

While I was at University I had a very good friend from the Ukraine, who liked to refer to the bourgousie as ‘imperialist pig dogs.’ While I do think its a bit juvenile, I got to admit the name sure does stick in your mind.

Well, I do on occassion go and eat out. For Christmas I recieved these ‘Dine Around’ coupons that give you I think $40 dollars off of your meal at selected restuarants. They expire this coming Sunday, so I figured I’ld better go and use them up.

I went to Little Venice. I had only been there once, about seven years ago, before they renovated the place. I tried to go there earlier this year for my anniversary, but having come straight from work, I had forgotten to bring my dress shoes, and so my sneakers broke their dress code despite my jacket and tie, so I went elsewhere. So last night I made sure I was properly dressed, calling twice to make sure I had the appropriate dress. All good.

Now, the ambience of the place really is quite nice, and being tuckd into a nice little alcove, I felt all nice and cozy. The waitstaff were all excellent, very attentive and helpful. The pasta was great, the wine was great, the dessert was great.

But sitting behind me was a group from a big international business operating in Bermuda (I won’t name it here, even though they dropped the name). I know at least two of the five were from overseas. I didn’t want to listen, but they were right behind me and talking very loudly. It made for some very interesting listening. I think all regular workers, you know, blue collars and general clerical, should try to go undercover in one of these restuarants and hear what comes out of some of the upper classes mouths in an environment such as that.

Their topics ranged from international politics to local politics and even touched on some pop culture issues. On international politics they lambasted the impunity of the ‘dangerous’ Iranians developing nuclear weapons and arming militants in Iraq and Lebanon (no mention here of Isreal’s nukes, or the US’s for that, or the fact that the US is fighting Sunni anti-Iranian militants in Iraq, or that the US is officially arming and training dissedent groups in Iraq and Pakistan/Afghanistan serving as proxy fighters in Iran now, or the aggression of Isreal towards Lebanon). They talked about how the English tabloid press accounts of the freed UK seamen ‘proved beyond a doubt’ the false reports made by these soldiers while in Iranian captivity, which is partially true, but one could poke so many holes in this and show how the UK is definitely engaged in a propaganda campaign there (will show this more in a new post shortly). They talked about how Caracas and Sao Paulo were now very dangerous, and that the US should ‘take out’ that Chavez ‘thug’, but how great Uribe was and how wonderful Columbia is since he got elected. Mexico too apparently is great for business, although there might still be some problems there.

In local politics they talked about how ‘they can do business’ with the ‘current lot’ and they could always move elsewhere if they needed to apply some ‘pressure’ but they thought Dr. Brown was pretty good. They didn’t like the restrictions about cars however. But they were really hoping a new golf course was coming around as the current ones were getting boring, and I learnt how much they can spend in the golfclub shops.

On popular culture, there was some brief discussion about the talkshow host Imus, and musings as to what constituted racism or sexism. Basically they thought that the guy should have had more sense than to say what he did, but his apology alone should suffice, and that it wasn’t that big a deal.

Perhaps I’m overreacting. But you know, I often here this type of talk. ALmost whenever I go out for a fancy type dinner, or if I go for a brunch, this is the background type conversation. Often people are fellow workers like me, just having a good time, but theres always at least one table in earshot that is made up of upper class type people having these kind of conversations. Perhaps we live in differnet orlds, and to a degree, I think we do. All the same, I find these infrequent dinner experiences very informative and educational about the mindset of the ‘big ups.’ I don’t enjoy my meal all that much, and I keep wondering whether its worth getting into an argument with them then and there, but its very informative all the same.

Good wine though.


4 thoughts on “Dining amongst the pig dogs

  1. Well, that was a funny post. Even though I am sure you would refer to me as an imperialist running-dog lackey who licks the boots of the gringo insurance industry, I often get the same disgusted feeling when sitting around a bunch of insurance types…

  2. You know Dr. Fresh, this is my first time checking the site since that post. I’ld been feeling kind of upset that I left the post as I did, kind of the posters remorse. I don’t think I should have added the pig dog bit, it was unnecessary, and I only really used it because I thought it might make for a catchy title. Yeah, I admit that my first reaction when hearing this sort of ignorant talk is to think ‘darn pig dog’ but that is being reactionary. I honestly believe that many of these people mean well, but are just simply ignorant of a lot of reality, they are very insulated in there very own little world of golfing, wining and dining, country clubs and high society jet setting. Their lifestyle, and their peer group generally reinforces this ignorance. My calling them ‘pig dog’ is just going to shut peoples ears from trying to challenge their preconcieved notions through rational argument. They are not going to hear me pointing out the flaws of their belief system or anything like that. They are just going to hear ‘pig dog’ and leave it at that. You know, it reminds me of some of the anti-globalisation demonstrations such as Seattle or in Quebec City. There were a lot of really good anti-free trade arguments, but what the vast majority of people who couldn’t make it to the demos remember is the TV footage of the ‘black bloc’ rioting and smashing windows.

    In other words, I made a mistake and should have sat down and reflected some more before posting it as I did. I goofed. My hope is that people will see that I was trying to illustrate the different perceptions that many of us have passed on class lifestyle, and the various class prejudices we have. It also gave me a lot of ‘food for thought’ for a few posts that I will take the time to reflect on and write properly. But yeah, I goofed up big time there.

  3. The irony of all this is that the reason some pig dogs (mistakenly imo) think they can do business with this Premier is that he is the biggest pig dog of them all. Brown will extract whatever they’re stupid enough to give him and then screw them all (new car law/term limits anyone?). Brown is exploiting the naivety of the labour and race vote to take care of himself. The average Bermudian will eventually suffer as a result, not us pig dogs and certainly not Brown.

  4. Those guys are indeed a pain in the tail – however it would be wrong to associate all of those with higher incomes with that kind of perception. There are a great many people who have become wealthy who stand at the very opposite of the ideas spectrum.

    In most liberal democracies political leanings correlate far more to personality attributes than to income. I would be willing to bet that the personalities that find that kind of right-wing opinion most attractive are the same ones who succeed in that kind of business. Equally, you will find very very progressive liberal opinions in many of the wealthiest people in Bermuda – they’re just not the ones drinking a bottle of wine each in Little Venice.

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