PLP & PM Websites Are Fine

I just took a look at Christian Dunleavy’s blog ( and see that he is claiming both the Progressive Labour Party’s and Progressive Minds (youth wing of the PLP) websites are non-accessible. I have checked both websites and they are running fine, I can access them, and log in to the PM blogs. It is possible that for a moment they were down but I have no knowledge of when, if or why they were ever down. As PLP Party Chairman alluded to earlier this week, it is no secret that the Party is intending to upgrade the at least the Party website, and it is within reason that if they did go down (however briefly) that it is connected to such an upgrade.


2 thoughts on “PLP & PM Websites Are Fine

  1. seems they are up now. but they weren’t this am.

    no upgrade on the site either. someone forgot to pay their bill. no other way of spinning it.

  2. Dear M,
    I’ll take your word for it that they were both down. I neither saw it as eing down, or know anything about it other than what you and Christian Dunleavy have reported. I wouldn’t quite jump to the same conclusion (forgot to pay the bill), as to me it is rather inconsequential. My interest in the post was only to say that if they were down, then they are up now. If I hear anything different, I’ll let you know. If they did forget to pay, I’ll just say thats pretty funny, but I doubt it was due to a lack of cash, and more likely due to an honest oversight.

    As for the PLP Party Chairman’s comments (“anything the UBP can do the PLP can do better”), well, thats just trivial electioneering and BOTH Parties engage in it (though I personally find it kindergartenesque).

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