No March 5th Anti-War Protest

Unfortunately I have had to cancel the demo this Monday morning at the US Consulate. I am also doubtful that I will be able to protest there the next Monday (March 12th) as I have agreed to attend an initiative on race on that day.

I would like to thank Bermuda Network News for carrying an article about myself and the anti-war protests. One of the dangers with standing there with a placard was that the issues behind the war, and US Imperialism as a whole are much more complex than can be captured in a single slogan or placard. The article allows one to present a more detailed argument, although I agree that there is still a lot more to be said on the particular issue of Iraq and US Imperialism, as well as imperialism in general.

One of the other chief problems with protesting on a Monday morning is that most people are going to work on Mondays, and so cannot join me for a protest, although many have voiced their solidarity otherwise, and I thank them for it.

Shortly I will be moving the protest into the City of Hamilton, and changing the time to a lunchtime demo. I am doing this so that working people will be able to come and join me there, as they cannot otherwise do so at the US Consul.

THE PARTICULAR PLACE OF THESE DEMOS IN TOWN WILL ONLY BE ANNOUNCED IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO THE DEMOS. I will only say that they will be protesting war profiteering, as well as the war in general.


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