So Long Saddam

Most of us are aware that Saddam Hussein the former President and Dictator of Iraq is sentenced to die by hanging.  Indications are that it is quite probable that he will be executed in a matter of days.

I would like to make it clear that I think Saddam was a fascist dictator who has created crimes against humanity, mainly against his own people, and his death will bring no tears to my eyes for the passing of his life itself. That being said, I cannot in good conscience regard his execution as legitimate.  It is my view that the entire trial against him has been reminiscent of the Soviet show trials, that his defence team has been unduly harrased by the puppet Iraqi state, as well as the US imperialists.  The puppet Iraqi State has also intervened in the trial to such a degree that it has largely undermined what little credibility a show trial could muster.  I believe that the Iraqi people, though largely blinded with understandable anger towards this dictator, have been cheated of seeing justice done; and the people of our world have been similarly cheated of fully exposing the criminal nature of the former Hussein regime and its connections to world imperialism; we have not seen justice.

Saddam should have been tried by an international court of justice, such as the trial of Slobodan Miloscevic of the FRY.  Holding a trial in the anarchy of Iraq is well nigh impossible, and it has been shown that the defence team was easily intimidated and some even killed outside of the courtroom.  While Saddam may well deserve his fate – and I here state I am opposed to execution and think real life imprisonment is a more just fate – the trial that sentenced him to die has no legitimacy, and so his execution will also have no legitimacy.  It is hard to believe but there are some, both in Iraq and in the USA who believe that his execution will go some way to achieving closure for the victims of the regime and will even contribute to the ‘pacification’ of that now war weary land.  These same people though similar thoughts at the invasion of Iraq and dreamed of happy civilians welcoming the invaders, they thought similar thoughts when Saddam was first caught, and when Zarqari was killed.  The invaders as we all now were not met with flowers but with distrust and bullets.  Apart from some scenes of understandable joy at the capture of Saddam or the death of Zarqari, we have seen no real progress in returning this once proud country to a state approaching normality.  The execution of Saddam will achieve nothing but add yet another notch in the infamy of imperialism of puppet regimes.

The US and its ‘coalition of the willing’ must pull out and assist in their replacement with an adequately funded, supplied and mandated international force; they must pay reparations to the Iraqi people for the destruction wrought by their bombs and the pre-war sanctions, as well as to the Kurds who died from chemical weapons provided to the then regime by the US with the aim of attacking Iran who had humiliated the super-power in overthrowing their dictatorial Shah.  The US are defeated – but they might still salvage some dignity.


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